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  • Program Overview

    This innovative program forms Educational Teams of Drexel engineering graduate students (GK-12 Fellows) and teachers from the School District of Philadelphia (GK-12 Teachers) to collaborate in identifying and designing engineering/technology based supportive classroom materials.  These materials will serve as contextual vehicles through which the presentation of fundamental scientific and mathematical concepts to middle school students will be enhanced.

    Summer Development

    During an intense 4-week summer program each GK-12 Team will work to develop curriculum modules that will be implemented throughout the academic year into the middle school classrooms.  The Teachers will identify concept areas of their science and math program in which they wish to develop the supporting contextual materials.  Each Team will then research and develop appropriate engineering based materials that can illustrate meaningful student relevant applications of those science and mathematics concepts to provide an every day world around us context to the curriculum-dictated concepts of math and science as defined by the Teacher.  All of the materials developed during the summer program will be in accordance with the School District of Philadelphia's new mathematics and science curriculums as well as state and national standards.  The total pool of resources developed over the summer will be posted on a web repository making the entire collection available to a wider audience.

    Academic Year Implementation

    Fellows will assist the Teachers to implement the material developed over the summer into innovative classrooms lessons and experiments during the academic year.  Fellows will spend 10 hours per week in the classroom alongside the teachers. The Fellows will be assisting the Teachers in their classroom while the Teachers serve as pedagogical mentors to the Fellows. 

    The ultimate goal is for the summer and academic year implementation to positively impact the interest and learning outcomes of the middle school students.